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Designing is the first step of a manufacturing process .

This class receives students with veeeery different backgrounds. Most of you might be used to CAD, but also some of you have never approached CAD design. This recitation is mainly focused on learning the basics of Fusion 360 to build skills to complete the next 2 week asignments. There are multiple CAD SW as you saw yesterday in class, but for this class, we will focus mainly on detailed model for designs in the order of the meters, with mm details.

Recitation Content


1. Introduction to CAD

  • All them export the same file types. STEP, STL, DXF.

  • The majority of HTMAA projects could be done in any CAD software, what changes is how much of a headache it will be.

  • The nature of this class operates in the mesoscale (elemens from cm to m). Also, we will cad to the detail. That is why we highly encourage to use CAD with a timeline and tree structure

  • 2. Why Fusion 360

  • Great starting point (online tutorials), clean UI


  • Free

  • Cloud base

  • If needed, naturally your work will ask for other CAD program (Rhino, Solidworks, Blender)
  • DISCLAIMER : This tutorial is meant to be as universal as possible. Most CAD tools shares similar tools and design strategies, what it change from one to one is the UI.

    3. Hands on. What do we see in a CAD UI.

  • 3D Canvas, axis and views.

  • Options to work with Surfaces, Solids and Construction Elements (very very important)

  • File system management (cloud base, shareable).

  • Up in the tab, Fusion general options to import, export, etc.

  • Timeline

  • 4. Parametric design

  • Sketches

  • Solids

  • Surfaces

  • Drawings

  • 5. Importing and Exporting

  • Internal Importing

  • External Importing, STEP, DXF, STL

  • Exporting STEP, DXF, STL.

  • 6. Design for Manufacturing

  • Design restrictions. Assembly viability, clashes..

  • Consider making Jigs!

  • Design for 3D printing

  • Design for Laser cutter

  • 7. Extra content. APIs

  • Contact me at aprubio [at] mit.edu if you want to have a tiny separated session on Rhino APIs (rhinoscriptsyntax)

  • 8. Get Fusion360 for free through Autodesk Educational.

    Last two years there were some questions around how to get an Autodesk Educational Account . Lets go here throught the steps to get it:

  • 1. Google Autodesk Education and Student Access and click on the link shown in the image

  • img

  • 2. Click on get started

  • img

  • 3. Create a new account

  • img

  • 4. Create a new account

  • img

  • 5. Fill the fields and click next

  • img

  • 5. Fill more fields and click create account

  • img

  • 6. We are in the good path. This banner will appear and now go to check your email

  • img

  • 7. Verify your mail

  • img

  • 8. If this pops out, you are good. Click done

  • img

  • 9. Now we need to fill the data that makes you eligible of an institutional account. After done click next.

  • img

  • 10. Click continue.

  • img

  • 11. You think ur done but nope. If you read , it says We still need to confirm your elegibiliy...... So click on get started to finish with this.

  • img

  • 12. To me, it verified automatically. I think if you are under the wifi MIT Secure and an mit account it automatically accept it. Otherwise they might send you an email asking for any proof of enrolement.

  • img

  • 13. Now you are all set, click get software and download Fusion! It came with Eagle built in (:

  • img
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