Alfonso Parra Rubio

aprubio [at]

¡Hola! Welcome here. Im a Research Assistant at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. I grew up between Caniles and Baza (Spain) but my last 10 years has been in Madrid.

I am interested in structures, how to discretize complex shapes that enable controlled deformations with structural integrity. Right now, I am working on propose new structural and skin sollutions that allows curvature deformations and 2 curvature deformations. Since I was working at Airbus, to merge certain systems and structure into one same thing has call my atention.

Before coming to MIT, I worked for Airbus Protospace. My lab was centered on proposing new structural configurations. I did some flight test parts, foldable antennas,research on Vortex Generators and Origami Sandwich configurations.

This pandemic we have been working hard here at CBA. Find here some solutions we proposed in the CBA Covid-response.

Outside the lab, Im in love with Music. Before crossing the sea I left a band ;(. Click here and here to listen some funk progressive stuff.


_ Stuff I've done at MIT

Some classes webpages here:

  • How to Make (almost) Anything here
  • The Nature of Mathematical Modelling here
  • Structural Design and Optimization here
  • Geometric Folding Algorithms. Origami and Polihedra here
  • Transformable Design here
  • Instrumentalization of a wind tunnel.HTMSTMaA here
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    _ Stuff I've done before